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Our products Carbon Steel Pipe , Carbon Steel Coil , Carbon Steel Plate , Carbon Steel Profiles
Company products are widely used in many industries, such as construction, transportation, furniture, home appliance, etc.  Construction: Roofs, Walls, Garages, Acoustic Walls, Plumbing and Modular Houses, etc. Automotive: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper attachments, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.
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We are a professional team with rich experience,Ensure first and best of product quality and service.The company provides customized processing services provide with private customized products that belong only to you. A wide variety of products and a wide range of uses

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Shandong Huaigang Steel Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of steel products in China, which coordinates sales, warehousing, deep processing, distribution, exporting to meet customers’ steel supply chain needs.Our factory is in Shangdong Province.Our products cover Color Coated Steel , Coil Galvanized Coil, Galvanized sheet ,Carbon Steel Coil,etc.

Company is popular in the steel product chain and our products sell well in many countries all over the world, such as Turkey, Venezuela, Singapore, Chile, Poland, Brazil, etc. With a stock of 10 million tons, we promise to deliver the right products at the right time and for a fair price.
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We has helped customers with their steel solutions from more than 120 countries or areas all over the world.

Using digitalization to improve delivery performance

The new MES will replace the current, aging business computer system for the light, flat-rolled operations of the facility. Phase one of the 63-month project will be rolled out later this year and will include new flow and order planning, order scheduling and order dressing. It will also introduce a

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What is Stainless Steel Coil?

When wire is rolled up into the form required by the client it is known as a 'coil' but this term, widely used within the steel industry to describe a roll of steel is somewhat ambiguous and can be confusing. Here we look in more detail at stainless steel coil and its different forms.Stainless steel

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Stainless Steel in Construction

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used construction materials, offering architects and builders myriad qualities. The versatile metal has been used in thousands of construction projects all over the world and this edition of the BS Stainless blog looks at five very different buildings that f

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Global Stainless Steel Production 'Ramps Up'

The stainless steel industry has signi­fic­antly ramped up production in order to begin addressing global shortages and price rises of the metal. Figures recently released by the Inter­national Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) for Q1 2021 show that stainless steel melt shop production has grown to 14.5

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Shandong Huaigang iron and Steel Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of steel products in China
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